Toronto real estate slated for another boom

Wednesday Jan 16th, 2019


Toronto real estate is slated for another boom. Thanks to the city’s thriving technology sector, Ron Sally believes real estate—and condos in particular—are going to be the hottest commodity in town. “Our tech industry in Toronto is about to explode,” said broker of record and owner of REMAX Millennium Real Estate. “It’s been slowly climbing up the ranks; it hasn’t reached its peak yet but it’s about to come out into the open.... [read more]

A Look Ahead Into Canadian Markets In The Next Year

Thursday Dec 27th, 2018


Depending on which part of Canada you live in – 2019 is either a year to look forward to or dread!           In Toronto – The growth will be slower, but growth just the same. Very similar to 2018, there will continue to be upward pressure on prices but increased interest rates/mortgage stress testing has added to the lofty growth we’ve seen throughout 2016 to 2017. In Montreal – Continuing it’s growth as... [read more]

Don't let the cost of commuting from the suburbs fool you: It's still cheaper to live there

Thursday Dec 20th, 2018


CMHC study made several assumptions, leading to opposite conclusion Canadian census data shows that most of the recent population growth in metropolitan areas has taken place in the suburbs.Getty Images   Relative to the urban core, housing is less expensive in the suburbs. But does the savings get eaten up by increased commuting costs? That was one of the findings of a recent study by the Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation (CMHC), which claimed that — at least in... [read more]

Foreclosure v.s. Power of Sale

Tuesday Dec 27th, 2016


In the unfortunate circumstance that a homeowner is past-due on their monthly mortgage payments, they pave the way for a “foreclosure” on their property. In today’s market, banks and other lenders do not turn to foreclosure to take away the homes of homeowners who are in arrears. Instead, they perform a "Power of Sale" which is wholly different from a Foreclosure. What is a Foreclosure? Foreclosures are laborious, grueling, and costly to both the... [read more]



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