I was referred to Julie Woytas by a friend who had the thrilling experience of buying/selling house with Julie. Working with Julie was an absolute pleasure as the kind of professionalism and dedication she showed was truly remarkable. She kept in mind our requirements, budget and timeframe of buy/sell and worked industriously to fulfill all the requirements. She was able to determine what we were looking for and found us the perfect home that we love. Julie commits herself to understanding the needs first and works diligently to ensure that you get what you want. She recommended some great people to work with as part of the buying process, like home inspector and I know she worked many days and well into several nights to fit our schedules. Her dedication to her clients is intense and greatly appreciated!
Can't say enough about Julie…She is simply FANTASTIC!!!
Grace Eyman

We met Julie by chance at an open house when we were on the lookout to buy in the neighbourhood. We were not too happy with the realtor we had engaged, so after a few meetings we decided to engage Julie for our home search. She recommended quite a number of properties with no obligation to buy. Her professional approach, relentless work to satisfy our needs for neighbourhood, good schools and connectivity in the Mississauga neighbourhood saw us buying our home almost after a year through Julie. I must say there was absolutely no rush or pressure to buy unless we were comfortable with what we saw. In fact, Julie also did turn down a few proposals knowing our likes and dislikes over a period of time. Over the years Julie has become a good family friend, and a friend of ours whom  I recommended has also bought a house through her. I would recommend Julie to my friends and colleagues and look forward to buying my next property through her.


I have been in business with Julie since summer 2008, and my family and I have experienced only efficient and quality services, professionalism, care, best deals, friendly relationship, and a big beautiful smile. Working with Julie brings financial benefits, stress free, time saving, and fun. I never regretted being a permanent customer of Julie, and once you are there, you will never regret it too. Thank you Julie for the great support and best service.

Basil Nasser

We were very satisfied by the services performed by Ms. Julie Woytas.  From the very beginning Ms. Woytas was kind and approachable, and we felt very comfortable speaking to her, whether on the phone or in person. She conducted our affairs in a professional manner, and took the time to explain to us the procedures and transactions that would occur.

She was always available to answer any questions or concerns, and she always provided us with clear and concise information. We told her what we wanted when looking for a house, and the second viewing she set up was the house we chose, the perfect house for us! She knew exactly where to find what we were looking for, and did not waste our time going around to many different houses.

Also, she helped sell our old house within 5 days, with the price we asked for, which was amazing considering many other houses in the area were listed for many weeks.

We are extremely happy with Julie Woytas help with selling and buying a house, and would recommend her to anyone!

Barbara Dylewska

Julie is by far the best realtor I have ever met, during the many years of my life. She is very knowledgeable, helpful and dedicated to her clients.  Her cheerful disposition was very calming to me and I was pleased that she carefully listened to my ideas and remarks.

I told Julie that I needed to sell my house, because it became to difficult to care for it and that I was looking for a Condominium Apartment.  Julie determined that it would be best to find a suitable apartment first and only then sell the house.  This proved to be the right way to proceed, because it was hard for me to find an apartment that I really liked and - in the end - it was not a problem to sell my house for a very good price.
Julie drove me tireless all over the Mississauga and Oakville area without complaint and did not seem to mind, when nothing attracted me enough to make an offer.  After a couple of months, I had an unfortunate accident, which put me first in the hospital and then into rehab for 8 weeks and even when I finally came home I was still not able to pursue my goal for a few months.  Julie never lost interest in me, she called me and visited and when I finally told her that I was ready to go out again and look at more apartments, she came back right away with more listings. 

Eventually she found an apartment, which appealed to me and happily, my offer was accepted.The sale of my house was - as expected by Julie - quick and easy. It was a pleasure to deal with Julie and I believe that anybody, who would hire her, would be very happy and satisfied with her service.
I can truly recommend Julie.

Linda Quast

My wife and I feel very grateful to have met Julie. She helped us secure a home many years ago and most recently when we were ready for a move we employed her services again. Very professional, friendly and patient. She guided us through the process and was always there when we had questions. She is an amazing person with a kind disposition. We would recommend her with no hesitation. Her advise was well thought out and thorough. She is a winner!

Byron, Etobicoke

Julie was an amazing help. She listened to what I needed and found the perfect place. She made my move across the country an easier thing to do. I would recommend her services to anyone.


Julie is an awesome agent. We live on the Gulf of Mexico in the States but wanted to rent a condo in Toronto before buying property in the city. Julie took on the challenge of researching AND checking out relevant units for us. She acted swiftly and efficiently landing us an ideal condo. All we had to do was to show up in the unit on the first day of the lease. Julie is an excellent realtor.

Dr. & Mrs. Kulpa

Julie far exceeded my expectations of professionalism and integrity. It was a real pleasure working with her and comforting to know she was doing everything that was best for me as the seller. My house was sold in less than a week, and far above my asking price.
I would recommend Julie Woytas to any and all perspective buyers or sellers.


Julie Woytas recently helped us with the sale of our existing property and the purchase of our new home. She took some time to review my situation thoroughly and advised to buy the house first and then sell the existing property. She made sure my new house purchase was not only a great fit for what I wanted, but was genuinely a good purchase and a wise investment. She showed extraordinary dedication to my interests by tirelessly working to ensure I found a place that I was truly satisfied with, even though it meant additional work for her, and that all aspects of the transaction happened as smoothly as possible. Julie also left no stone unturned to sell my house within a fixed timeframe and for the best price. She also made sure I understood the intricacies of the entire process. Julie definitely did not push me into buying/selling something hastily because it would be less work for her.

Julie is definitely a realtor who places professionalism and customer satisfaction as her highest priority. I was lucky enough to find a great real estate agent and also have gained a great friend!
I happily tell everyone that if they need a worthy realtor, I know just the person, Julie Woytas!
Poonam Kakkar
I met Julie at a retail store. She was looking for hardwood for her own home. Started talking and found out she was a real estate agent.
It happened that a friend of mine was looking a condo to rent at the time and I introduced her to him.
I had mentioned to her that he was a very busy person and she had to schedule the visits around his schedule not to mention that he was a very picky person. Nothing seemed to be a problem for her, she had put so much effort and time to ensure that she will find the right place for him. I was very impressed to say the least.
Later on that year, my daughter had a second child and I was looking to purchase a home close to her and sell the one I was living in. Again, she impressed me one more time. Not only she found the home I was looking for but managed to find something to fit my budget and sold the one I had for almost the price I was asking for.
I will refer Julie to anyone looking to purchase or sell their home not only cause she's a pleasure to work with, but also for the dedication and pride towards her work and her commitment towards her clients. 
Kate Wrobel

Sanju and I found Julie to be extremely professional, highly knowledgeable, and with an outstandingly service-minded attitude. Throughout the process where we sold our house and bought another, Julie always - that is, without ANY exception, came up with the right advice for us. In other words, she served with only our interests in her mind. We found all her advice to be very professionally researched and thought out, and proved very cost-effective and yet result-oriented. On quite a few occasions, she actually went beyond the typical scope of work of a real estate agent, to ensure we have the peace of mind. Will we hire her services again? We won't hire anyone else. Finally, we don't think what we have said here is enough to describe the top notch quality of service that she consistently delivered.


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